The Here And Now by Ann Brashares, 4 stars

TheHereAndNow_front-cover-mediumI’m probably one of the few people who didn’t read the traveling pants books, so at first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this one. I’m glad I did. All time travel books suffer from the unavoidable confusion that comes from time travel, and this is no exception so it may not be for everyone but I really liked it.

Prenna is an average girl, except she’s not. She’s a time traveler from a future where things are really not going well. In her time a huge portion of the population has fallen victim to a blood plague. Now, this may make the book sound dystopian, but that future is only referenced, never seen. The bulk of this book is about Prenna figuring out her place in our time and how cute boy Ethan fits into her world.

This book managed to blend Prenna and Ethan’s budding romance perfectly with the adventure going on. A lot of the time romance overwhelms a book like this but I never felt that here. The adventure and mystery they are involved in is revealed with perfect timing so that just when you’re starting to figure something out it is revealed to the characters and you experience the ‘ah ha!’ moment together.

For most of the book they don’t dive too deep into time travel and the consequences of it, aside from the rules Prenna and the other travelers are forced to remember and abide by. However, in the last few chapters the consequences of time travel (multiple time lines, different immunities, different germs) come hard and fast and you really have to pay attention in order to understand it all.

Overall a book that was exciting and hard to put down and pulled me through the gambit of emotions. Would recommend to anyone with an interest in time travel and light romance.

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