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18-months officialThe blog has been quiet, but I swear I have been working hard. I’m happy to announce a new title, 18 Months, to be released through Bold Strokes Books next October! Here is the press release:

New Title from Samantha Boyette

Bold Strokes Books is pleased to announce the acquisition of Samantha Boyette’s new YA mystery, 18 Months, scheduled for release in 2016 from Bold Strokes Soliloquy Books.

18 Months  Coming in 2016

Alissa Reeves came out for Hannah Desarno. Hannah is smart, beautiful, and has just gone missing. Worse, she isn’t Alissa’s first girlfriend to disappear. Eighteen months ago, Alissa was caught kissing bad girl Lana Meyers. Too scared to admit her feelings for Lana, Alissa let her friends blame Lana. Weeks later when Lana disappeared, no one in their small town thought much of it until months later when her body was found.

 With Hannah gone, Alissa finds herself following clues that will help her discover what happened to both girls, and the truth will change everything.

About the Author


Samantha was born in Upstate New York and lives there still today; however she has traveled extensively within the United States and the rest of the world. She lives with her wife and son in a small town near the water and writes when her busy life allows it.

 When not being a full-time mom, she likes keeping up with her favorite TV shows, doing puzzles, and enjoying a glass of her favorite wines. Of course she is also a big fan of reading, mostly young adult novels, but with a soft spot for Stephen King.


Visit Bold Strokes Books Online Bookstore for this and other exciting titles.


So yeah, that’s happening! Kind of a big deal to me. I’ll be posting more as we draw closer to the release date. I’ll also be trying to post more regularly, but a 1.5 year old doesn’t always want to share me with the internet.

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