Sci-Fi Saturday Night

Thanks so much to the folks over at Sci-Fi Saturday night for having me on their show.  I had a ton of fun chatting with them about this week’s Sci-fi news, as well as my recent Textnovel win.  Anyone who missed the interview can catch it here: http://www.scifisaturdaynight.com/?p=2102


Writing Tips

People always ask me how I come up with ideas for books, or stories.  Most of the time I don’t have a good answer for them.  I have written two books that were each based on dreams that I had, but that doesn’t happen very often.  I also have a book that is based on a song.  I listened to the song over and over and over again, and wrote the book that I saw when I listened to the song.

One thing I don’t have when I start a book is an outline.  I usually have an idea for what is going to happen in the story, a basic thought that A will happen, which will push the story towards B, and then everything will end up with C.  After that I just let the characters take over, but more on that later. . .