Every Day by David Levithan, 5 stars

Every DayWell, after reading some of the negative reviews, I kinda feel bad about saying this. Every Day is one of the best love stories I’ve ever read. Is A a little obsessed with Rhiannon? Yes. Does A find inventive ways to be near her all the time, no matter what body A is in? Yes. Okay when you lay it out like that it does sound a little creepy, but haven’t we all behaved that way? Especially about our first major love? If you say no, then I humbly suggest you may never have been in love.

A has no body. A is basically little more than a soul that travels from person to person, tagging along for a day in the life. A is no one and everyone. When A meets Rhiannon, life seems to have a purpose because she is the first person A has known who is worth working for.

I loved A. I loved how A was used as a vessel to explore the generally restrictive thoughts of what makes a person male or female, since A is neither. Yes, Levithan probably peppered the book with more one day tolerance tales than was truly logical, but that was kinda the point of the story. Love is love, no matter who the two people involved are.

Rhiannon was adorable and I loved her and I wanted A to be with her in the worst way. Every moment between them was filled with a longing that hit me in the gut and made it impossible for me to look away.

I do agree that the subplot of Nathan and the priest/other traveling soul wasn’t explored enough. With the way the ending was, we didn’t need to know that there were more people like A out there. But I will overlook all of this because my enjoyment of the first love and epic feelings far outweighs that.

I highly suggest this book to anyone willing to overlook a few unanswered questions and believe in the unexplainable.

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