Coming Soon: Prime

Prime2 copyI’m finally getting around to releasing my novel Prime. It was the winner of the 2010 novel contest, but it’s just been sitting on my hard drive since then. I’ve spruced it up a bit and designed what I think is an awesome cover for it. Here’s the blurb:

Thirteen-year-old Simon doesn’t remember his older sister, Alice, but she remembers him even if she doesn’t know he is alive. When the Prime virus hit, they had already been separated. Simon stayed at home on Haven Medical Base with their neglectful and verbally abusive father while Alice was away working a political internship out of town. Now they both face a world where the few survivors hide inside buildings and behind tall walls as the victims of the virus, known as hostiles, stalk the night hungry for the flesh of the living. Within their seemingly safe walls, the survivors must contend with the best and worst of human nature.

Sound good? Want to win a free copy? Check out the giveaway below!


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7 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Prime

  1. It sounds interesting and I tried to enter but I don’t think I did it right. I’ve been up too long and I think my brain went to sleep without me. I tried to follow the instructions on how to tweet to enter what they showed didn’t look anything like what came up when I tried.

    Maybe I’ll luck out and my attempt was less of an epic fail than it seems. I don’t think so since it says I have 0 out of 4 entries. Oh well. I’d have liked to enter but it doesn’t seem like competence and I are on speaking terms. Good luck with your book!

  2. Oh, goodness. I don’t think I could possibly pick a favourite zombie book! There are just way too many. Hey, maybe it will be Prime! 🙂

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