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Music for Writing

Now I know some people might insist on there being complete silence when they write, but that’s never been me. I need music, I need it to write to and I need it to think. Nothing helps me get over writer’s block more than a few good songs and a long walk.

So here are my top five artists that make me want to write my brains out.

Alexz Johnson- Seriously, almost every single song she sings makes me want to write. I can’t think of another artist who is anywhere near as awesome as her.  Her songs feel like they come right from her heart and they always tell a story. I actually wrote a novella based entirely on one of her albums. She’s an artist I listen to when I’m thinking about writing, not so much one I listen to when I actually write.



Florence + the Machine- I pretty much fell in love with her stuff when I heard Cosmic Love. I love her music because it’s good for both the thinking and the actual writing. Each song is bursting with emotion and epicness that makes the story flow out of me.





Skillet- This is my fight scene music. Whether I’m writing the scene or just putting it together in my head, Skillet does it for me. There’s the intense rock music and all kinds of emotion, which is pretty much what goes into every good fight scene in my mind. There’s also plenty of love and longing in their songs, which make them good for break-ups and couple fights as well.




Apocalyptica- This group does rock symphonies and are best known for their Metallica cover album. Them, and other groups like them are my go to when I’m having trouble writing and need something that will push me without distracting me.




Tegan & Sara- Another group I listen to when I’m thinking about writing. Their songs always help me work out relationship issues for my characters. They also help me figure out what sort of issues I want my characters to have. Their music is chock full of emotion and heart ache and I love to put that into my characters.



So there are the five artists I turn to when I need inspiration, if you’ve never heard them, I suggest checking them out.


The Last Magician

Anyone interested can head on over to The Red Penny Papers to read a brand new short story of mine entitled The Last Magician. This story was actually written back when I was submitting to The Last Man Anthology, but wasn’t the one that ended up in that book.  Take a look at the other short stories while you’re there, they all seem pretty good this month!