Blood Zero Sky, by J Gabriel Gates, 5 stars

This book was epic fantastic. Call me crazy, but I liked it way better than that old dystopian standby 1984.

So of course the world has gone to crap, government is gone and N-Corp runs it’s half of the world. One of only two companies that own the world. With no competition they are the only people to work for and the only people to buy from. Everyone lives on credit and N-Corp is very strict when you become unprofitable.

May Fields is one of the few well off in this new world. Her father is the CEO of the company and she is well on her way to becoming one of the few people who live debt free. But May isn’t like everyone else and the secret she has kept is about to push her to the edge.

The world was perfect, realistic and believable. From start to finish I was pulled into it. Like all well created worlds, it was scary because of how familiar it was. It took almost no imagination to see our world becoming this world.

May is one of my new all time favorite characters. She is wonderfully flawed and damaged. She makes bad choices, deals with the consequences, and does whatever she can to redeem herself. I loved the bits that gave a look into her life growing up in this world and the challenges she faced even though she was well off compared to others.

Overall story? Awesome, awesome, awesome. On its own it was a great dystopia, but to have it be a dystopia with a lesbian main character just made it even better for me. It also gave May a gigantic reason for all the choices she made. Because N-Corp doesn’t agree with her being gay, she is willing to do anything and everything to live in a world where she can be who she is and find true love.

So very good because so many parts of the story could easily be true in a few years. A must read for dystopian fans and GayYA fans alike!

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